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  • Capture vital signs automatically in real-time.

  • Spend half as much time on documentation!


Improved Quality of Care.

  • Increase time spent observing and caring for the patient.

  • Enhance capture of anesthesia modifiers (drugs, ASA, Age, etc.).

  • Leverage built-in quality assurance forms.



  • Reduce the risk of billing errors with a more complete, accurate and legible record.

  • Facilitate the capture of billing charges.


Enhanced Control.

  • Anesthesia provider exerts complete control over what appears on the record.

  • Access records instantly.

  • Minimize exposure to frivolous litigation with accurately and precisely documented records.


Easy to Use.

  • Utilize eREC features with ease through helpful and instructive pop-up "tool tips" as you go.

  • Navigate intuitive drop-down menus and leverage auto-load for frequently used terms.

  • Compared to Other AIMS, eREC requires minimal training for a fast and seamless adoption.

  • Build case templates tailored to your practice.

  • Use eREC from a desktop, laptop or even a computer tablet via touchscreen or keyboard.

Why eREC For Your Practice?

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