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eREC is a Windows-based* Anesthesia Information Management System (AIMS) that is engineered for use by Office-Based Practices, Surgery Centers and Hospitals. The AIMS was developed by an anesthesiologist with more than 25 years of clinical experience with a goal of empowering anesthesia providers with a cost-effective tool that makes it easier to consistently generate a quality anesthesia record. eREC's distinctively user-friendly design helps anesthesia providers deliver enhanced patient care and safety, while seamlessly bringing about efficiencies to the treatment/operating room.

* While eREC is Windows based, it has been successfully tested on a MAC running Parallels Desktop for MAC


Set It and Forget It

Even for trained anesthesia providers, It is challenging to manually record up to 20 data points every 5 minutes and still give the patient full care and attention. Once patient, procedural and staffing information data are entered, eREC takes over the redundant tasks of the anesthesia documentation process, such as the recording of vital signs and allows the anesthesia provider to focus his or her time on observing and caring for the patient.


Intuitive User Interface

eREC's User Interface is designed to be extremely intuitive and easy to use via the extensive use of drop-down menus and tool tip pop-ups that instruct the user on how to use the various features. eREC contains no hidden menus and is very easy to navigate. All of eREC’s commands, functions, and screen selections are clearly and prominently displayed in a single “Menu Display” at the top of each page (illustration below).












eREC delivers significant value to both the anesthesia provider and their patients by streamlining the documentation process of anesthesia delivery. Some of the desirable and useful features found in eREC include:


  • Customizable Case Templates for Optimal Efficiency Within Your Practice.

  • Import Patient Demographic Data from Hospital/Office EMR.

  • Touch-screen Friendly Interface.

  • All Data on the Anesthesia Record are Editable Until the Case is Finalized.

  • Case Archiving (for easy recall) in Various Formats (Hardcopy, .pdf and fully searchable data files).

  • Optional Pre-Op Assessment Form.

  • Built-In Calculations (ex. Pediatric Fluid Requirements, Case Totals, Allowable Blood Loss, BMI, etc.).

  • Ability to Generate Separate Procedure Notes (ex. Regional Block for Post-Op Pain Management).

  • Automated Backup Every 2 Minutes.

  • E-Signing.

  • Graphic Display of Anesthetic Gas Uptake.

  • Timed Reminder Functions.

  • Customized Comments.

  • Quality Assurance Forms.

  • Conveniently Facilitates the Capture of Medical Direction Requirements.

  • Billing Forms Automatically Generated with Drug & Fluid Totals, Time Calculations and optional ICD/CPT Codes.


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